Guys, the first clip from the new ‘Sherlock’ special was just released. AT LAST.

Oh, BBC, how you just LOVE to tease us.

If you’re as big a Sherlock fan as we are, you probably already have seen (and obsessed over, and cried about) the teaser image that was released this week, displaying our beloved Sherlock and John Watson (feat. a big, curly mustache) looking suave and fabulous as ever.

Of course, we still have to wait years for the long-awaited Season 4 (which is rumored to come out in 2017, sad face), but BBC and PBS (the channel on which the show airs in the States) are giving us something to tide us over: a 90-minute Sherlock “special episode” set in Victorian England. The shot was the very first promotional image for the special, and TBH, we thought we’d have to wait some time for another new glittering Sherlock gem. But last night, the very first VIDEO clip was released. That’s right: a minute and a half of new material featuring John Watson and Sherlock Holmes doing what they do best.

The clip’s big debut took place at San Diego Comic-Con, but of course. “The boys will be back soon…ish!” the clip’s caption reads. “Here’s the first look at the new Sherlock special. Enjoy! #221Back”

The video starts with Sherlock and Watson showing up at 221 Baker Street (who knew a simple address could stop our hearts?). . . in a horse-drawn carriage. In fact, everyone is in Victorian England garb, and they look dashing: Mrs. Hudson in her purple gown, Sherlock with the literary character’s trademark hat and pipe (they suit you, Benedict!), and John with his brand spankin’ new twirly mustache.

And in those one-and-a-half minutes, here’s what we find out: Sherlock and Watson are still solving grisly murders (involving dismemberment), John is writing a book of their adventures (um, hello, super awesome nod to Arthur Conan Doyle!), and Mrs. Hudson is still equal parts concerned with and annoyed by the pair of them.

Another thing we love? In this short video clip, the gender politics of the Victorian era are addressed thanks to our beloved Mrs. Hudson. “One of the problems with the original is the women don’t really speak very much,” the show’s creator Steven Moffat said at the Comic-Con panel today, according to Variety. “Mrs. Hudson barely gets a line.”

We won’t give away anything else so that you can watch the amazingness for yourself, but be prepared for your hearts to burst, Sherlockians. We didn’t know just how much we needed our favorite sleuthing duo in gorgeous Victorian England clothing until now.


Looks like we have to wait even longer for the new Sherlock season