The last “Sherlock” Season 4 episode title is here, and this might be the end for our favorite detective

Seeing as how Sherlock Season 4 hits our television sets shortly after the beginning of 2017, it looks like next year is already off to a great start. However, that might not last long, because just as soon as we get Sherlock back, he might be taken away from us. Again. And this time, for good.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Sherlock’s stars — Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman — are kinda big deals right now (and both happen to currently be part of the Marvel universe, too). It’s just getting harder and harder for Sherlock to happen in a timely manner, and this past year, there’s been a LOT of talk that this might be the end – the very very end — of Sherlock. TBH, we’re crying already.

And now, we’re crying even more because the last episode title of Season 4 has been released, and things do not look good for Sherlock Holmes. The first two episode titles were released earlier this year (and they are, “The Six Thatchers” and “The Lying Detective,” respectively), and now Episode 3 is here too:

It’s called, “The Final Problem.”

Well, that sounds super final and not at all reassuring that we’ll get a Sherlock Season 5 anytime soon.

We don’t know anything else about this final episode — or, the rest of the season – but we have learned that “The Final Problem” will actually screen in theaters in January, on the 16th and 18th. Along with watching the episode on the big screen, the’ll also be an additional 15 minutes of bonus features, which sounds cool!

But it also makes it sound like Sherlock is trying to ease the blow of this BEING THE END by giving us 15 more minutes of Sherlock! But you know what, honestly, we’ll take it.