The creepy new ‘Sherlock’ trailer is giving us life

Every Sherlock fan knows that good things come to those who wait. After all, the TV show is notorious for testing its fans’ patience, only to reel us back in every couple years with another incredible season. No matter how Sherlocked we may be, however, the wait is never easy. And given last season’s cliffhanger (Moriarty?!) plus the all-but-nonexistent news of what’s to come, we’ll take everything we can get to make the wait a little less tortuous.

Lucky for us, the BBC has planned a Sherlock holiday special this year, called Sherlock: The Abominable Bride — and the latest teaser trailer has us covered in goosebumps. According to the BBC‘s website, the episode features our favorite sleuthing pair, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, as they “investigate a mysterious ghostly bride who appears to have committed murder from beyond the grave.” In the teaser, we finally get a better glimpse of the feature-length’s mysterious, ghostly villainess — and to no one’s surprise, she’s delightfully horrifying.

The apparent murderer perfectly plays into the “ghost bride” trope; but whether she actually comes from “the other side” or if Sherlock will explain her away, only time will tell. As if all that weren’t already fun enough, the episode also takes place in the Victorian era, and features both Sherlock and Watson in time-appropriate dress. (Unfortunately, that also means Watson has a mustache again — but here’s hoping it leads to more hilarious Sherlock commentary.)

Check out the teaser trailer for yourself below, and The Abominable Bride January 1st at 9PM on the BBC.

(Image via video.)

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