An orchestra said it would only feature thin singers, and that’s not okay

Just when we thought the world had started to come around to body positivity, one Toronto-based orchestra sent a terrible body-shaming email to its members.

First of all, the Sheraton Cadwell Orchestra sent an email earlier this week. In it, management called out two singers for not being “fit and slim.” They also criticized these singers’ bodies and the way they dressed. Furthermore, they told them not to wear tight clothing onstage.

And it gets worse.

In addition to enforcing this offensive dress code, the managers threatened to only feature thin singers. Also, they explained that the body requirements don’t apply to musicians who are “essentially background wallpaper.” What? No! The email reads:

“Kindly note that for all future shows ... only singers who are physically fit and slim (or, at the very least, those who know how to dress strategically/suitably in order to not bring attention to their temporary physical/dietary indulgences) would be showcased with our boutique orchestra."

Consequently, vocalist Sydney Dunitz shared her outrage on Facebook.

“I am writing to express my outrage and disgust at this email the vocalists were sent last night," she wrote. "It is incredibly inappropriate.

Tell ’em, Sydney!

She continued, “I understand that the orchestra would like to maintain a specific polished appearance. But this is not about dress code, you have gone a step further and commented on someone’s physicality."

In addition, she explained that you don’t know anyone else’s relationship with their body. Or their health. Furthermore, someone’s size has nothing to do with their musical ability. And musical ability is what really matters for an orchestra!

Now, Dunitz’s post has been shared more than 600 time.

Furthermore, it has more than 300 comments. And many of them praise her for her strength in fighting for body inclusivity.

Dunitz’s viral post brought attention to the orchestra. Thankfully, many agreed with Dunitz. Consequently, the management of the Sheraton Cadwell resigned. Now, the orchestra will shut down.

“My life’s work is to fight situations like this and empower women, Dunitz said. “I am so disappointed to have received this email.

Thank you, Sydney, for standing up for what you believe in.

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