Woman wears sheet mask during her commute, freaks everybody out

Keeping your skin #onfleek sometimes calls for a little multitasking. This woman named Joey in Ningbo, China is our hero for her fearless pursuit of perfect skin by wearing a sheet mask during her morning commute. A video, which went up in early April, captures the spectacle and has been making rounds on the Internet for the absolutely hilarious way people are reacting to her somewhat creepy look on the train.


As you might imagine, the presence of a black, ghostly face is jarring to fellow passengers A woman can be seen taking a closer look at the sheet mask, saying, “It’s too terrifying. What is going on?”

Joey doesn’t answer, probably because she’s too blissed out to notice. The fellow passenger can’t handle it and eventually gets up, leaving Joey to tend to her skin in peace. To be fair, we’ve seen some weird stuff happen on the subway, but not this.


According to the Daily Mail, Joey has been working longer hours so she can get time off for her honeymoon. Because of this, she hasn’t been able to fit in her full skin routine, so she’s killing two birds with one stone as she commutes in in the mornings.

We commend her commitment to wearing a sheet mask anywhere and are kind of inspired to shift around our morning routines to do the same. A few extra minutes of sleep in exchange for some weird looks on the train (and possibly more space to stretch out)? Sounds like a good deal to us.

Watch the full video below!