You’ll feel like a skin care scientist when you use these injectable sheet masks

There is nothing a sheet mask can’t do. These Korean beauty staples can hydrate, tone, make pores appear smaller, fight fine lines, and serve as a super cheap, yet fancy-schmancy way to unwind.

True sheet mask connoisseurs have watched this beauty trend catapult into mainstream beauty. What once meant a trip to a Korean beauty supply store is now available in high-end stores like Sephora and drugstores everywhere. If you thought we’d reached peak sheet masking, think again. The newest wave of sheet masking is here and it’s all about the syringe.

Truth be told, the Oozoo Mask (about $21 on Amazon) looks pretty intimidating. If needles totally freak you out, chillax. The syringe doesn’t go anywhere near your face. Instead, you take the syringe and inject it into the sheet mask inside the pouch. Give it a few minutes to absorb the serum, remove the plastic film, and apply. You’ll seriously feel like a skin care scientist.

The Oozoo is available in three varieties. There’s a nutrient mask with Rose of Jericho, Vitamin B-5, Ectoin, and Beta-Glucan for dry, dull skin.

An illuminating mask to whiten and brighten!

And the most popular, a hydro lift mask to moisturize.

Only time will tell if injectable serum masks will make a splash in the US, but trust when we say they’re big in Korea, we mean that — literally.

Shop The Oozoo Mask on Amazon HERE anywhere from $21 to $30.