“She-Ra” is getting a Netflix reboot, because we need this heroine in 2018

If there was ever a time when we could all use the Sword of Protection, it’s now. It’s been more than 30 years since She-Ra: Princess of Power debuted on the small screen, but TV and movies are still woefully behind in their depiction of strong female heroes.

Wonder Woman‘s epic success earlier this year showed Hollywood and the world not to underestimate superheroines, and now, it seems TV execs are following in Diana Prince’s fierce bootsteps to remedy that imbalance: Netflix and DreamWorks announced that a reboot of lady-powered ’80s cartoon She-Ra is in the works for 2018.

In case you need a refresher — or, you know, you weren’t born yet: The OG She-Ra came about as the female answer to popular cartoon He-Man in 1985. She-Ra was, in fact, He-Man’s long-lost twin sister, and her backstory’s a little confusing, but essentially Princess Adora (her alter ego) was kidnapped as a baby, and was raised by the Evil Horde until The Sorceress revealed her to be the rightful owner of the powerful Sword of Protection.

Once she’s transformed into She-Ra, our heroine works with her brother and others to save the planet Etheria and its residents from the Horde’s wrath. Oh, she’s also got a sweet flying unicorn named Swift Wind and is the sworn defender of the Crystal Castle. (Got all that?)

The two studios announced the collaboration along with five other series.

There’ll be an animated continuation of the Trolls movie, a continuation of The Boss Baby, a Captain Underpants show, the second installment of the Trollhunters series from Guillermo del Toro, and another female-friendship-focused story in Harvey Street Kids. At the helm for the She-Ra reboot will be acclaimed comic creator Noelle Stevenson, the creative force behind inclusive series Nimona and Lumberjanes (so, pretty much the perfect person to restore She-Ra to her throne).


According to the official description, the new heroine will be a modern take on the warrior princess’ tale and, for the honor of Grayskull, female friendship and empowerment will be center stage. She-Ra soars back to our screens sometime in 2018.

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