You’re going to love She & Him’s new album, “Classics”

It’s FINALLY here! Today, She & Him (which is comprised of HelloGiggles’ co-founder Zooey Deschanel and her musical partner M. Ward) are releasing their new album Classics, a collection of 13 velvet-y-smooth standards that feel of a sweeter, softer time. Zooey’s soulful voice is perfect here, covering tracks like Dusty Springfield’s “Stay Awhile” and Frank Sinatra’s “Time After Time”—though our favorite might be the duo’s version of “Stars Fell On Alabama,” which simultaneously captures everything exciting, dangerous, deep and melancholic about love.

She & Him’s Classics is winter-day-inside music, it’s by-the-fire, warming-drink-in-hand music, it’s let’s ‘sit quietly together and fall in love and feel all the good things’ music.  This is the album you buy and play at your favorite dinner parties ever and feel sad when it’s over. We love this album and think you will too. 

You can order ‘Classics‘, now out from Columbia Records, via iTunesAmazon or through where you can get a CD or vinyl!

One last thing: Have you seen the cool video for “Stay Awhile”?