Shay Mitchell’s emotional goodbye to “PLL” has us in tears

News of Pretty Little Liars last season has been pretty emotional for fans and cast members alike. We can only imagine how the final ten episodes will wrap up the insane storylines (and hopefully give us some long-awaited answers). It will be an intense experience for everyone who loves the show.

Seeing Shay Mitchell’s heartfelt goodbye to her Pretty Little Liars family is a reminder of just how life-changing this series has been for the people most involved in it.

The star wrote a beautiful farewell to the show that she shared on her YouTube page and it is seriously moving.

Shay showed so much bravery by being so vulnerable to those who have shaped her life and career up to this point.

She said, "I didn't know it was possible to feel so much at once. Yet I sit here with all my feelings."

Despite the fact that she was overwhelmed by her emotions, she was able to share many of her thoughts eloquently.

"I don't know what my life would have looked like without Pretty Little Liars. It has changed me in more ways than I can attempt to count."

It’s tough enough to say goodbye to people and a projects you love. It’s amazing that she was willing to share it so openly with everyone who loves her.

She even had some candid moments joking about how she didn’t expect to get so worked up, though was able to continue on through the goodbye beautifully.

"To my sisters... I should have got Kleenex...we did it. We managed to stay close through seven years of high school and that will always be what I am most proud of."

She said a tearful goodbye to her character and the people who gave her the opportunity to bring her to life.

"Most of all, thank you for giving me Emily at a time when I really needed her. I think I'll miss her most of all."

Shay ended her incredible video optimistically, reminding all of us that you “can’t have new beginnings if you don’t have endings.

We know the future is so bright for you, Shay, and the rest of the PLL family. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us and we can’t wait to see you shine in your next adventure!

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