Shay Mitchell’s faux fur coat matches her dog, and it’s an optical illusion

Leave it to glamour queen and fashion icon Shay Mitchell to stay gorgeous this winter season. The PLL actress has been keeping us posted on all her best cold weather looks. And we have to say each one has been super impressive.

But her latest Instagram post where her faux fur coat matches her dog’s real fur makes us truly in awe of this talented lady.

Shay is certainly willing to take risks. And, being from Canada, she knows her cold-weather clothing. But we never expected her to actually match her furry friend. And she does so while still (somehow) looking absolutely fabulous.

She is the first to point on the similarities between her fake fur coat and her dog’s natural fur coat in her post’s caption.

She writes, "No dogs harmed in the making of this faux fur coat...I just shop to match him."

And she did more than just match him. We honestly can’t even tell where the dog ends and the fabulous fashionista begins.

Shay tagged online retailer Revolve in her post.

So, of course, we did some looking. A quick perusal of their awesome clothes and we found this Molly Faux Fur Coat, which seems to match Shay (and her dog) perfectly.


Oh, and it’s currently on sale for $179, which means we have to snag it ASAP.

Of course, the actress has already rocked some incredible faux fur this winter season.

In fact, she even wrote about how excited she was to rock fabulous coats in the upcoming months in her caption.

Shay said, "Goodbye Jean jacket, hello faux fur! Officially ready for winter in LA. (in Canada winter requires actually wearing clothing underneath jackets) 😋❄️

She obviously looks awesome no matter what she’s rocking. But, we have to admit that Shay matching her pup in faux fur has to be one of the most adorable fashion choices we’ve ever seen.

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