Shay Mitchell just got her own show and we are SO excited!

On Pretty Little Liars, Shay Mitchell’s character, Emily, doesn’t get to leave Rosewood that often. In fact, when we last left the liars, they were trapped in a strange dollhouse where Mona had to pretend to be Allison and a huge electric fence kept them from leaving. Yikes! In real life, thankfully, Shay has a whole lot less experience with being trapped somewhere and a whole lot more exploring beautiful travel destinations in the big wide world.

Now, Collective Digital Studios is making the obvious next step and giving Shay her own digital series focused on travel! The show is called Shaycation, aka my new favorite portmanteau (two words pushed together). Shaycation also sounds like Sean Connery saying “staycation,” but that is not an official part of this announcement.

We already know from her beautiful Instas and YouTube travel vids that Shay Mitchell loves to explore far-off locales and share her experiences with her followers.

Here she is in Morocco, giving us a window (lol) into her glam, jet-set adventures abroad.

Stay tuned for more info about Shay’s new series, and check out the season premiere promo for Pretty Little Liars here. (Um, Mona, you have a great voice, but that creepy lullaby is freaking us out.) Here’s hoping the liars have plenty more adventures this season, and we can’t wait to watch Shay’s vacation adventures IRL!

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