Shay Mitchell just shared photos from her tropical Fiji vacation for you to look at from your desk at work

Shay Mitchell is one of our fave celebs at the moment. She’s really down-to-Earth and seems like she’d be totally fun to hang out with, and she also has wonderful advice about self-love. For those reasons and more, we’d love to be her friend — so we’re feeling pretty lucky that she’s taking us all on a trip to Fiji. Well…almost.

She’s currently in Fiji and has been kind enough to post all her glorious photos from the trip to Instagram, captioning the whole adventure so we feel like we’re with her every step of the way. Let’s take a look!

The flight

Looks like Shay got in some cozy naptime on her flight, which is good, because she needed to rest up for all the adventure ahead of her!

White river rafting

Isn’t this a gorgeous photo?

The classic beach shot

Ahh, what a lovely 4th of July (from a Canadian in Fiji…).

Letting her dog run free

It certainly DOES look like Angel is having fun.

Zip-line fun

Would you ever do a zip-line?

These are SO beautiful

On Fiji time, indeed.

Is she in a helicopter?!

OMG, she is!

Tropical fruit attire is a must

She looks good in it, too.

Follow her on Instagram for more pictures!

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