Shay Mitchell just posted her first makeup tutorial and, BRB, because we have to memorize this whole thing

It’s a universally agreed upon truth that Shay Mitchell always looks beautiful. Scroll down the comments section in her Instagram posts, and you’ll see tons of questions about Shay’s makeup, skincare, and hair techniques.  Honestly, who wouldn’t want to look like the gorgeous Pretty Little Liars star? We’re ready to steal all of Mitchell’s beauty hacks. And finally, Shay is making our dreams come true.

Yesterday, she released her first beauty tutorial video on her Youtube Channel, and we’re obsessed. It’s fifteen wonderful minutes of Shay being her gorgeous self and sharing all her secrets with her fans and followers.

And the Shay Mitchell original reveals all her steps to getting her everyday look.

Even better, we also get a glimpse into Mitchell’s cosmetics collection. From Tarte to La Mer to NARS, she’s got an impressive roster of brands in her arsenal.

In addition to sharing her beauty tips, the video is rife with Mitchell’s charming sense of humor. So watching this thing is just plain enjoyable. (Yes, she does poke herself in the eye a few times
— and who among us hasn’t been there?)

Her beauty motto is basically do whatever feels right, as she passes over several beauty rules and trends (like baking) aside in favor of what makes her feel good. (Right on, Shay!)

The video has plenty of informative moments, too.

Mitchell passes along some expert tips that she picked up from her makeup artist, Patrick Ta.

"I also wanna be doing more beauty and hairs tutorials with my makeup team, my glam squad that I work with," Mitchell says. "They are so talented and they have so many great ways that they apply and do things that I think you guys might be interested in. So that is why I'm going to start this beauty series. I've been asked a million times show you guys how I get my hair a certain way or how I do my makeup cause you're curious, and now I will be showing you."

Excited enough yet? Watch the full video below.

We can’t wait for more beauty tutorials from Shay!

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