Shay Mitchell found her doppelganger, and we’re a little freaked out

Do not refresh your Instagram, you are seeing doubles of this Pretty Little Liars star for a reason. Because Shay Mitchell has officially found her doppelganger. Don’t worry, we’re totally freaking out, too. Shay’s doppelganger’s name is Marianna Hewitt, and she is a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber that bears a striking resemblance to our girl Shay.

It’s a story worthy of a Parent Trap remake. Shay Mitchell attended the Hotel Revolve party during Coachella. Beauty and lifestyle guru Marianna Hewitt was also in attendance. The two somehow ran into each other and realized, Hey! You look a lot like me!. Hilarity ensued.

Well…an amazing Instagram ensued.

First of all, if you can’t tell who is who, Shay is on the left and Marianna is on the right. The two brunette beauties obviously share cascading wavy locks, bold brows, and a penchant for groovy eyewear. Luckily, they are dressed in different Coachella styles, so we can tell them apart!

Meeting your doppelganger at Coachella is new friend goals.

Nothing links a friendship like sharing a love of music. Hopefully, both women love the same music and can spend some bonding time lounging in the desert listening to their fave bands together. The twosome should definitely stay friends for life so they can pull some classic switcheroo pranks. Or they at least need to take an Instagram in the same outfit for maximum twinning.

Either way, this meetup is making us jealous we’re not at Coachella finding our doppelganger and living our music festival truth.

All of Shay’s pics are making us wish we were there!

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