5 reasons you should read Shay Mitchell’s debut book, ‘Bliss’

It’s no secret that we think Shay Mitchell is some kind of wonderful. The Pretty Little Liars star is a mega-talented human, whether she’s acting, modeling, or just being awesome — and now, she can officially add “author” to her resumé.

Out today, Bliss is Mitchell’s debut novel about friendship, romance, and growing up; and we’re totally in love. Co-written with her BFF Michaela Blaney, the book follows the story of Sophia Marcus, a 21-year-old with dreams of becoming an actress; her BFF Demi Michaels, a woman picking up the pieces of her broken relationship; and Leandra Hunting, caught in the middle between the two and just looking for a life of luxury. It’s definitely a must-read, and we couldn’t be more excited for Mitchell and Blaney.

Here are just a few more reasons you should pick this amazing book up today.

It’s all about BFFs

At its root, Bliss is all about how amazing friends can get you through anything. This is basically the HelloGiggles motto, and we are all about it in this book.

It perfectly captures what it’s like to be a struggling 20-something

Who we dream of being in our 20s and who we actually end up becoming aren’t always in alignment — and that’s a totally normal and wonderful thing. All of the ladies in Bliss cope with what happens when adulthood isn’t quite what you expect it to be, and how we move forward and overcome what’s standing in our way.

It reminds us that all of us make dating mistakes

None of the women in Bliss have had the best of luck when it comes to relationships — but who amongst us has? The book perfectly tackles the ins and outs of breakups big and small.

It shows that pursuing your dreams can have an awesome pay-off

. . . But not necessarily the one you were expecting. You should never let fear of failure get in the way of pursuing what makes your heart sing. Even if the path is tricky along the way, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

It’s proof that Shay Mitchell is the ultimate boss

Mitchell knows what she wants out of life, and she’s not afraid to work for it. Whether it’s starting a wine company, or co-writing an awesome book with her bestie, we’re convinced there’s nothing she can’t do.

You can buy Bliss for yourself right here.

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