These pics of Shay Mitchell’s island vacation are so gorgeous, they’re giving us major FOMO

We survived 2016, so we’re feeling like we need some major self care, and what better form of self care than a tropical adventure? Luckily, we have Shay Mitchell to give us MAJOR travel inspo. These pics of Shay Mitchell’s island vacation are ridiculously beautiful, and they have us craving an escape of our own. We were already SO envious of Shay’s killer trip to Fiji, but this is on a whole new level.

For a much needed vacay, Shay went to Azulik Tulum, an eco resort with adult-style treehouse villas in Tulum, a Mayan city serving as a major port for Cobá in Mexico. Um, adult tree houses? We’ll take it!

Honestly, these pics of Shay Mitchell’s island vacation adventure look more glorious than we ever could’ve imagined. Just look at this! It’s so, so stunning.

We wanna go there! Oh, Shay, take us with you!!

We’re not sure what’s more gorgeous, Shay, or her surroundings. It’s a serious tie in the *best* way.

Ugh, what an absolute dream.

Is this Heaven or what?! Sandy shores, a clear sky, oh the FOMO!

She captioned this amazing scenery shot,

"Not a bad view to wake up to on the first day of the year!"

Um, definitely not a bad view! We’d kill to be living large like this, but a gal can only dream.

It’s safe to say that Shay Mitchell is having an ah-mazing vacation, and she definitely deserves it.

This is so trippy, but look at that view! How in the world did she nab this shot?!

TG for these pics of Shay Mitchell’s island vacation. We have so much inspo, and we’ll definitely be searching for some tree houses of our own!

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