Shawn and Angela finally reunited on ‘Girl Meets World’ and we’re feeling all the feels

Shawn Hunter and Angela Moore reunited for a brief moment in time, and it filled our hearts with so much Boy Meets World love and joy. This is the reunion we’ve been WAITING for, for what feels like FOREVER, and Friday night it happened. However, just like so many other things in life, it was just too pure and too perfect, and it couldn’t last. Spoilers ahead for Friday night’s Girl Meets World episode, “Girl Meets Hurricane.”

When we last saw Angela on Boy Meets World, she was leaving the county. She decided she wanted to spend time with her father, and packed up her things to move to Europe with him. This mean that Shawn was left behind stateside (but hey, at least he still had Cory).

Even though deep down in our hearts we’ve known all along that these two were meant to be together, at the end of Boy Meets World, they were an ocean apart. So come Girl Meets World, all our Shawn and Angela dreams will come true, right? Right??

Wrong. Trina McGee reprised her role as Angela, and came face-to-face with Rider Strong’s Shawn. While Shawn has remained a bachelor all these years, turns out that Angela got married. Angela got married to someone other than Shawn. I know, I’m with you guys who were shocked and confused by the revelation, but there’s a reason for it, and a reason for Angela’s visit.

Angela’s been married for four years now (?!) and is thinking about starting a family with her husband. However, she wasn’t sure of the idea and tracked down her first love to talk to him about it. Sweet, and totally gut-wrenching at the same time.

Girl Meets World (and Boy Meets World) executive producer Marc Jacobs explained the reason to Mashable, explaining that he and the rest of the writers, “went back and looked at the old series and we had to make a decision: Do we write a television ending or do we write what we think is real? We wrote what we believe is real in a real relationship with human beings who grow up.”

Jacobs hinted at this big revelation a while back, saying that fans would be totally divided over Angela’s return, and the outcome of her reunion with Shawn. It wasn’t all sad faces, though, because at the end of the episode Shawn asked Katy, the mom of Riley’s best friend, Maya, out on a date. It might not have been the ending we were wishing and hoping for all these years, but hey, if Shawn’s happy, then we’re happy, too.

(Images via Disney Channel.)