Get ready to freak out, TGIF fans — Shawn and Angela are reuniting for ‘Girl Meets World’

Shawn Hunter and Angela Moore are reuniting after all these years. Take ten to twenty minutes and freak out appropriately. Trina McGee’s appearance on Girl Meets World has been teased quite a bit, but now we have some real details about what’s going to happen when she meets up with Rider Strong’s Shawn once again. Go back to freaking out for a few more minutes.

Last we saw Angela and Shawn, they were breaking up. Ugh, I know. In Boy Meets World‘s final season, our favorite characters started going their separate ways. While Shawn (and Cory and Topanga) moved to New York City, Angela packed her bags and moved to Europe to spend a year with her father. Shawn was, needless to say, pretty heartbroken. He briefly considered asking Angela to marry him before she jetted off, however, he never asked the question. Angela left, and our hearts still haven’t mended after all these years. These two are soulmates. So surely there’s a happy ending for them somewhere down the road, right?

Boy Meets World and Girl Meets World‘s creator, Michael Jacobs, spoke at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, and discussed what we’ll see when Angela stops by the show, and it sounds like our hearts will remain broken. That happy ending for these two? Don’t bet on it.

“You guys are going to kill me for what we decided to do with Shawn and Angela,” Jacobs explained, “but I will tell you that it is right, it is real, and you’re going to have to watch the episode six times before you put the guns down.”

OK, but Shawn and Angela always had a completely different relationship than Cory and Topanga. So maybe it’ll just take them a little bit longer to make it work out in the long run? Let’s go with that thought. Regardless, our favorite two best-friends are reuniting for a little bit, and that’s enough to warm our 90s hearts for the day. Let’s bask in the glory of this picture of them on the Girl Meets World set.

Angela’s episode, “Girl Meets Hurricane,” will air on June 19th, a mere two weeks away!!

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