Someone shaved their Husky from the neck-down, and the picture is going viral

We’re still a few weeks away from the summer solstice, but the heat is already on. Which means many of us are wearing less, going out more, and getting our hair cut to stay cool. The sun has no chill, guys. But humans aren’t the only ones trying to beat the heat, and this shaved Husky who just went viral on Twitter should serve as a reminder that our pets need haircuts too!

Now, a Husky’s coat is made up of different kinds of fur to protect the dog from sun and heat. So, there’s really no need for excessive hair removal and it’s the main reason you’ll never seen a Husky without its coat — well, until today.

The image was posted by Twitter user, @OmonaKami, and there’s really no unseeing this seemingly annoyed shaved husky.


Omg, just look at this face. So clearly unamused

This poor Husky was shaved all the way down, basically everywhere except for his/her face and tail. We’re not sure what the actual story behind this photo is but if you google the term “husky without fur,” you’ll see a number of sad dogs who were dealt the same fate.

Other users on Twitter had very strong reactions:

The internet is such a weird place, guys. And maybe don’t shave your arctic dog, okay?

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