So, this video proves that shark cages can’t actually keep out Great Whites, because everything is a lie

Someone press pause because life as we know it is apparently a big lie. Up until now, it appeared that venturing beneath the ocean’s surface to observe sharks from a cage was a relatively safe thing to do, but NO: Those cages can’t keep out Great White Sharks, a lesson one scuba diving tour group recently learned the hard way during a shark-watching tour off the coast of Mexico.

A terrifying video of the encounter posted on Gabe and Garrett’s YouTube channel of a Great White that breached a diver’s cage shows us precisely how wrong we’ve been all this time.

In the footage that was taken above the water, a pair of cages can be seen submerged with their overhead barriers still in view. A Great White Shark then begins wildly thrashing in an attempt to nab a piece of tuna. The huge sea creature shocks the hell out of everyone by entering the cage with the diver and thrusting through the top hatch. One of the divers can be heard uttering a panicky, “It’s in the cage,” as a few tour employees scramble to open the hatch and let the shark out.

The shark eventually broke free and swam away, miraculously leaving the diver Chan Ming unharmed but visibly shaken.

Perhaps the popularity of underwater shark observation has made us a little too comfortable with the planet’s largest known predatory fish. As dangerous as this situation was, we’re glad that Ming and all the other divers came out of it safely. If nothing else, it gives us a greater appreciation and respect for the animals and the researchers who put their lives at risk to keep us informed on everything that lurks beneath the ocean’s surface.