Sharisse Coulter: ‘Rock My World’

I really wish I had been on vacation the last two weeks. I mean, I guess that’s always the case, but now in particular it would have been fun to read Sharisse Coulter’s Rock My World on the beach. On the other hand, it was a welcome distraction from a really busy few weeks. The book has a southern Cali fast-paced vibe and plenty of heartache and scandal. Which is funny, because Sharisse strikes me as a really sweet, scandal-free woman, but I should know how far fiction can be from reality.

Rock My World gives its reader a backstage pass to the music business as well as the photography profession. You can tell Coulter knows a thing or two about both. Her husband is a wonderful singer/songwriter and you can learn about their music/book tour on her blog. I guess I do too, from family members who are in both businesses and it’s always fascinating to see behind the curtain of a flashy profession.

Going backstage at a concert can actually be a very low-key experience if the band is made up of normal, down-to-earth musicians (you’d be surprised–many of them are). And the behind-the-scenes of a photoshoot is often very technical. Last week I had the odd experience of being the focal point of the camera when my photographer brother offered to take engagement photos of my fiancé and me.

I have to admit, I could have used a little inside knowledge. I didn’t really know how to pose and it was probably clear that we didn’t really know how to model in front of a camera or “act natural.” Is kissing on a busy sidewalk next to the Charles River in Cambridge natural? Is leaning up against a tree while joggers and bikers pass by? A professional photoshoot requires the person behind the camera and the people in front of it to, well, work the camera.

If you’re interested in these industries, you’ll enjoy following Coulter’s characters as they navigate their career choices. And more than that, you’ll want to find out what happens when the daughter of a rock star find herself at a crossroads as a wife, friend, mother and a woman with her own dreams which have been sidelined for way too long. When she suspects her musician-husband of cheating with her best friend, she gets the wake-up call she needs to re-evaluate her priorities and the direction she’s taken in life.

Photos from Sharisse Coulter’s website

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