So, it turns out that sharing a Netflix account is the new giving someone your house key

There’s a reason “Netflix and chill” has become such in an integral part of our modern vocabulary. According to a new Ipsos poll about the popular video service, it’s our fave date night. By a significant margin! 72% of the people in the survey who were in a relationship said hanging at home and watching Netflix together was one of their favorite ideal dates. Whoa. That’s a lot lovey dovey couples staying in. (Which begs the question…why are restaurants and bars so crowded? But hey, that’s another article.)

Singles are also into the whole Netflix and chill sitch too, especially when it comes to romance. In fact, a potential partner’s taste in television is one of the key factors in determining whether or not to agree to a date. Six in ten Netflix subscribers surveyed said they “find someone more attractive based on the shows that they like.” 13% even said they would ask someone for a date based SOLELY on their interest in a TV program. So yeah. We take our television really seriously. I mean, if you’re not down for some fast-talking, coffee-loving Gilmore Girls excellence, why are we even speaking to each other? Amirite?


Since the Netflix thing is so CLEARLY one of the cornerstones of a romantic relationship, it comes as no surprise that modern couples consider sharing a Netflix account tantamount to exchanging house keys. More than half of the respondents said they’d only share an account with someone they were dating exclusively, which makes sense. I mean, you wouldn’t go around giving your Netflix password to some rando on the street, no matter how well he could quote The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. (Probably.) Seriously, don’t do this. #mistake


17% of the people surveyed said they’d only share a Netflix account with someone they were either engaged to or married. Now that’s pretty serious. But hey, we don’t mess around when it comes to technology. Just a few years ago, a survey in PC Magazine found out that 40% of people would rather give someone a house key than their WiFi password.

So there you go. House keys for everyone! But keep your paws off my digital passwords.


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