Shaq lip syncing to Beyonce’s ‘All Night’ earns him VIP Beyhive status

The Beyhive may have met its biggest member yet. Literally, he’s huge and famous. Need proof? Check out Shaq O’Neal lipsyncing Beyoncé’s “All Night” and getting pretty emotional about it. The basketball legend showed off his hidden talent when he took to Twitter to croon out one of his most beloved tunes and send Beyoncé his best wishes.  Not bothering to hold back his considerable emotions, Shaq excitedly expressed his desire for Beyoncé to win every single Grammy she is nominated for (for those of you who’ve been living under a rock, Queen Bey is up for nine Grammys this year — making her the most nominated female performer in history).

And it’s clear Shaq is a serious fan. Finding himself with some free time in between filming segments for the TNT show Inside the NBA, Shaq decided to relax with some of his favorite songs — and share the results of his work with the internet.

Wearing an elegant suit and tie, the Basketball Hall of Famer flawlessly lip synced every word to “All Night.” The passion of his performance was no-holds barred, and incredibly affecting. He also called out “Halo” as another one of his jams. Shaq’s picture-perfect performance showed the seven-foot basketball star has untapped skills (although anyone who saw Kazaam! already knew about his musical inclinations).

This isn’t the first time Shaq has expressed his love of Beyoncé, either. Here he is doing “Halo,” during the Super Bowl.

Shaq has a history of lip syncing in style. He appeared on Lip Sync Battle earlier this year and tore down the house with his intense rendition of “Maniac” from the film Flashdance. Shaq’s sense of humor and fun — along with his penchant for power ballads — makes us hope he’ll be a repeat performer on Lip Sync Battle. Who knows? Maybe Beyoncé would be down for a lip sync duet. Now that would be some television worth turning in for.

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