Shaping Up With Chloe & Zoe – “Take Risks”

Hey! Chloe and Zoë here. If you watched the pilot of our new show, Shaping Up, you know that we are two formerly lazy no-good girls on a newfound path to righteousness. We’ve got a lot of resolutions to power through in 2013, and our first stab is to TAKE MORE RISKS.

We know we’ve been playing it safe — we’re not one to take the stage in karaoke, ask someone to dance or order anything different from our usual sandwich shop. While some might reach for the stars, we like to lay low. Maybe you run with the big dogs! Good for you – but we like to sit on the porch and bark. Carpe Diem? Nahhh.

UNTIL NOW. We’re taking the biggest risk we can think of. We’re gonna try STAND UP COMEDY. That’s right! The toughest game in the biz. Can you guys imagine standing on stage expecting people who don’t know you to laugh at your jokes? We couldn’t.

So we asked killer comedienne J.C. Coccoli to help some sistas out. Watch us go out on a limb below – and let us know if we succeeded.

Look, this lesson in stand up wasn’t easy! It was a difficult and LONG day – so we have some bonus footage for you guys. Don’t people always say that like, “imitation is the highest form of flattery”?!

Thank you again to The Laugh Factory and to J.C. Coccoli for everything!

**The Laugh Factory was SO generous in letting us film there. We can’t believe we got to stand on that legendary stage. We should note that in no way does The Laugh Factory think one stand up lesson (even if it is from the amazing JC) will prepare you for their stage…or any other stage, really…