Someone has invented shape-shifting noodles, if pasta night has gotten a little dull

Somehow, they’ve improved pasta. Just when it seemed like it would be impossible to perfect on its noodle-y goodness, scientists found a way. There is now such a thing as shape-shifting noodles, and it’s freakin’ awesome.

It’s all thanks to the scientists at MIT’s Tangible Media Group.

The Tangible Media Group has invented some of MIT’s latest and greatest scientific breakthroughs, such as “living” shape shifting clothing, and a “snakebot” that could replace all of your gadgets. The head of their noodle team, (Noodle team? How do we sign up!) Lining Yao came up with shape shifting pasta on accident. She was originally trying to make a self folding dumpling… because she’s the coolest person ever.

That didn’t quite happen and so somehow from there, it turned into shape shifting noodles.

Here is how that works:

The noodles begin as flat sheets. These flat sheets are made from the ingredients gelatin and cellulose. Gelatin and cellulose have different water absorbencies. The ingredients will curl around each other to form pasta shapes dictated by how thick the materials are and by how much water they take in! Because they change shape due to thickness, the shape of the noodles can be adjusted to preference.

This wild new noodle is also supposed to save a ton of money. The pasta researchers told the audience at the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems that due to the flat shape of the noodles, they could save a bundle on packaging and delivery costs. Apparently it is much cheaper to package and deliver flat noodles as opposed to things like macaroni and rigatoni.

Now for pasta night, the sky is the limit! Invite friends over and watch as the water boils and your pasta transforms from a flat noodle into a delicious shapes.