Shannon Purser found a “Justice for Barb” message on her Starbucks cup, because #neverforget

Filed under “people we will stan until the end of time” is none other than Barbara “Barb” Holland from Stranger Things. Played by Emmy-nominated actress Shannon Purser, Barb suffered an early demise on the show when she fell into the hands of an evil Demogorgon. And honestly, we’re still not over it.

How could the people of Hawkins not treat her disappearance with the same level of concern as they did with Will Byers? Why didn’t they organize search parties for her? Why wasn’t there a special school-wide assembly? The only person who managed to locate her was Eleven, but even though she possessed supernatural powers, she ultimately couldn’t save Barb. It’s all so unfair, TBH.

And despite Nancy’s efforts of giving her a proper funeral in Season 2, fans all over the world still believe her character deserved more — including a Starbucks barista.

On Wednesday, February 7th, Shannon Purser picked up coffee at a Starbucks, and got an unexpected shout-out from a barista in the form of a note written on her cup. “Barb deserved better,” it read. (That’s a weird way of spelling “Shannon,” but like, same.)

The barista-slash-Stranger Things superfan in question later tweeted:

"Shannon Purser is just quietly sitting in my Starbucks and she’s beautiful and I am so happy and also crying in the back room i think I’m dead."

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Fans applauded this sweet gesture and used it as an opportunity to revive the #JusticeForBarb campaign.

But there were some who thought that Barb had already garnered enough attention, and shifted the spotlight to another Stranger Things character who met a tragic end — Bob Newby. false

And Shannon Purser seemed to agree! false

Seeing as justice was (sort of) served for Barb last season, it wouldn’t hurt to demand #JusticeForBob in Season 3, right?

Oh, Barbara Holland and Bob Newby (and don’t forget Dustin’s cat, Mews!) — gone but NEVER forgotten.

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