Shannon Purser defended Finn Wolfhard when a fan called him “rude”

Among all the awesome things actors gain when their careers begin to skyrocket, there’s one particularly not so awesome element. As in, insistent fans who follow their every move and demand pictures and autographs at inappropriate times. And we just heard that Stranger Things actress Shannon Purser defended Finn Wolfhard after a fan called him rude — and we’re loving this act of solidarity.

Wolfhard was recently returning to his hotel in the evening, when a few fans came up and asked for an autograph. Wolfhard didn’t stop to sign or talk to the fans; instead he just kept going on his way.

The video went viral and finally caught the attention of Purser, who, being a famous actress herself, recognized the pressure of being at the beck and call of fans.

She quickly came to Wolfhard’s defense.

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Wolfhard isn’t obligated to stop for fans on the street, because at the end of the day he’s just a regular person and it’s his personal time. Oh, and he’s a kid!

Let’s give him the space he deserves — and enjoy the time we do get with him on Stranger Things.

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And via his Insta feed!

We love you, Finn, and we support your decision to do you whenever you need to.

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