Shannen Doherty gave her radiation machine a nickname “Walking Dead” fans will approve of

She’s been a constant source of hope and inspiration since receiving her breast cancer diagnosis in 2015, and now Shannen Doherty has nicknamed the radiation machine that is doing its best to keep her with us … and it’s a name all fans of The Walking Dead will approve of instantly.

“This is Maggie,” Doherty captioned a black-and-white Instagram photo on Wednesday, January 4th. “I’ve seen Maggie five days a week for what seems like forever. We have a love hate relationship. I love her because she’s part of the life saving treatment I’m receiving. It’s astounding how far we have come with technology. One day, Maggie will be retired and the cure will be found. Things like immunotherapy are the future but for now…. it’s me and Maggie. I’m seeing her twice tomorrow so that I can wrap this phase up faster. Goodnight sweet Maggie. See ya tomorrow. #cancerslayer”

She then followed up on Thursday, January 5th with a photo of she and her mother on their way to meet Maggie again.

Of course, Doherty never confirmed that her life-saving machine pal was named for Lauren Cohan’s ass-kicking, trauma-surviving, zombie-slaying character, but there are far worse humans to name your cancer slayer after than Maggie Rhee, who has survived some pretty terrible situations herself. Both women (if not the machine) excel at finding strength amidst terrible obstacles, and perhaps even more importantly, sharing their grief, their pain, their love, and their joy — sometimes all at once — with those around them (and in Doherty’s case, all of Planet Earth).

Doherty has famously kept fans updated on every step of her cancer battle since her diagnosis, from her highest highs to some crushingly low lows, like when her cancer spread last summer. She’s helping to normalize what is, tragically, a very normal thing for human beings in 2017 that is often kept hidden from view, and also offers fans things that have helped her personally in her battle … like aerobic dancing, for example.

We can’t wait until Doherty’s social media accounts are Maggie and cancer-free, but until then, we continue to be inspired daily by her interminable strength.