Shannen Doherty dressed her dog up for Halloween costume and it will break you

It’s uplifting to know that one can find happiness and humor during a very dark time in their life. Shannen Doherty, currently fighting breast cancer, found a humorous silver lining in her journey — Doherty dressed her dog up as herself. The Charmed star went as a cowgirl, complete with blonde braids and a straw hat. She then tied a purple bandana around the head of her dog, Miz Bowie, and posted a photo of herself and her pooch on Instagram with the caption, “@missbowiedoherty went as me for Halloween!!!” It’s heartbreaking and hilarious.

Dohertyhas been fighting her cancer since her March 2015 diagnosis. Fans who follow her social media, are thrilled that Doherty’s positive outlook on life has not faltered during her treatment. She often posts videos of herself dancing the toxins out and photos of herself spending quality time with friends and family (including Miz Bowie).

And being able to laugh with her followers by dressing Miz Bowie up as herself for Halloween, proves Doherty’s positive light still shines bright no matter how hard her diagnosis hits her.

Doherty has never shied away from the public eye during her journey, even when the going gets rough. She recently posted the photo below on her Instagram, writing in the caption that some days she finds it hard to be positive after chemo treatments.

And yet, she ends the saddening, heartfelt message with “Hope is possible. Possibility is possible. To my cancer family and everyone suffering….stay courageous. Stay strong. Stay positive.”

Doherty is an inspiration for those who are currently going through a similar phase in life or those who are fighting illness alongside a loved one. There is always hope and there is always positivity. One must know where to look and try to find the humor in everything along the way.

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