What Shannen Doherty did after her latest cancer treatment is a Christmas miracle

If you’re anything like us, then the idea of venturing out into the cold December city streets to purchase last minute holiday gifts is your actual worst nightmare.

However, actress-slash-total-inspiration Shannen Doherty put the holiday blues into perspective on Tuesday (December 13th) when she shared yet another powerful, moving, and very personal picture from her radiation treatments on Instagram.

In the pic, Doherty can be seen cuddling with her mother, Rosa, during treatment. And while the actress never hesitates to remind fans that cancer treatment is a harrowing battle that will leave you “so tired” (among other things), she is also a champion in finding silver linings — this time around, that silver lining was the magic of Christmas.


“Even though I’m so tired after, I’m going Christmas shopping!!!” she captioned the pic. “Got to get @kurtiswarienko a present!! I love the holidays.”

That Doherty was able to go through something as terrible as radiation and instantly find joy in shopping for her husband is truly freaking awesome, and a firm reminder that this woman — despite all of the terrible things people said about her in her Beverly Hills, 90210 days — is a gift.

She’s continuing her fight.

Doherty first revealed she was battling breast cancer in the summer of 2015, and later shared the sad news that it had spread to her lymph nodes. Since then, she has focused her attention not only on getting well, but on erasing stigmas surrounding her illness — specifically, that people should go into hiding and/or pretend like everything is fine once they receive their diagnosis.

Via her Twitter and Instagram accounts, Doherty has shared her highest highs — like when she was honored by the American Cancer Society at their annual gala — as well as her lowest lows during treatment.

She’s also written posts on things that have helped her personally during her battle — whether it’s exercise or making certain medical decisions — as a resource to others going through the same thing.

Given that so many people would (understandably) curl up into a ball and retreat from all humanity if given the same crap luck as Doherty, we truly love and respect her as a badass woman and a Christmas miracle.