Shania Twain Goes Topless for Her New Single: “It Was All About Taking Off the Bra”

Her first solo album in five years is coming, and we are here for it even if our bras aren't.

“Let’s go girls” has a whole new meaning after country music star Shania Twain recently released a series of topless photos of herself in promotion of her latest single, “Waking Up Dreaming.”

“This is a statement of being comfortable in my own skin and just being really myself,” Twain said in an interview for The Sun. Girl, preach.

At 57, Twain makes a half-nude photoshoot look easy, styled with her own creativity using only a white shirt around her waist, a pair of pink and purple spike heel boots, and a cream-colored cowboy hat. 

Perhaps it’s a nod to those famous lyrics, “Men’s shirts, short skirts”?

The singer is currently working her way through her first solo album since 2017, with the first official single released on September 23rd, 2022.

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The five-time Grammy winner used her pandemic lockdown time productively, according to The Sun, as a way to focus on new music and reigniting her career. She also hinted at some other media opportunities, like a biopic and even possibly a musical theater adaptation of her hit songs.

The cult of Shania runs deep, as the songstress has been a major feminist icon for many women, especially millennials who came of age to hit songs such as “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” and “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” 

The meme-ification of her lyrics and personality is especially strong, both as relatable content for all those struggling with adulting, as well as a powerful reminder of how far she has come despite struggles like losing her parents, coping with Lyme disease, and an ex-husband who cheated on her with her best friend’s wife.

Twain herself is even in on the joke, posting a roundup of her faves on Instagram along with country music buddy Luke Combs.

Next time you’re at girl’s night or up for a round of karaoke, make sure to salute Shania and her living legacy because we all know “the best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun and…” you can fill in the rest.

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