Shania Twain released her first single in five years, and it’s gonna getcha good

We bet you weren’t expecting your summer 2017 anthem to be a new Shania Twain song, were you? It’s been 15 years since Twain put out an album, and five years since she’s released a single, but our patience has paid off. This new bop off Twain’s upcoming September albumNow, is gooooood.

This is Twain’s first ever music endeavor that she’s done without now ex-husband and rock producer, Robert “Mutt” Lange. Back in April, when she headlined the 11th annual Stagecoach Country Music Festival, Twain spoke to The Press-Enterprise about her latest project.

"This was an exercise in independence," Twain said. "I really just wanted to test myself and push my limits and face my fears."

The messages behind most of the songs off of her new album are lessons she learned while going through her divorce in 2010. She told the Press-Enterprise that her emotions ranged from extreme sadness, to celebration and optimism.

Those emotions translated to a mix of highs and lows in the album that perfectly portray Twain’s rollercoaster feelings during that time.

Twain told the publication,

"It was a huge leap of courage for me to do this alone and I knew I was going to be carrying the weight of it alone, too. I just kept challenging myself and telling myself ‘OK, you’re going to write this album and we’ll find out what you’re made of these days.'

We think she’s made of sunshine and joy, but that’s just our opinion!

It’s a BOP, right??? The fact that “Life’s About To Get Good” is just a small taste of what Shania Twain is going to serve on her September 29th album release date is making us famished for more! If you need us, we’ll be driving down a long stretch of highway with the windows down, blasting this song on repeat…

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