You need to hear these Shania Twain covers by country stars in honor of Shania’s new album release

Hold on to your boots and get out your best cowgirl hats. Shania Twain is back with her first new album in fifteen years! The album was just released, and it’s called Now. Are you excited already? You should be! Shania has been out of the album cycle for a long time due to health issues. She suffered from Lyme Disease and side effects that messed with her vocal abilities. But Shania’s now in a place where she’s feeling healthy and ready to hit the road again. And we’re not the only ones excited. Country stars came out in force for “Shania Twain Day,” performing covers on The Bobby Bones show in celebration of the new album.

First up is Lauren Alaina with a cover of “Still the One.” It’s a classic Shania song and it sounds so lovely with Lauren’s take on it.

Lindsey Ell broke out the electric and asked “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under?”

And then Brandon Ray came in with “No One Needs to Know.”

These soulful takes on Shania Twain’s music are so sweet.

The new album is even better than we could’ve imagined. It takes on all the struggles and relationship woes Shania has been through in the last decade. A big part of her sound was reinvigorating her vocal abilities after nerve damage to her vocal cords. She spoke with NPR on the transition, and how she feels about her voice now.

"I've learned a lot of new things about my voice and I've developed a lot of nuance to my voice that I hadn't explored before. That was just out of necessity, and it's been a really positive effect. I still have the same high range. I never lost any of my high range at all. And I gained lower range. I've got a lower voice than I did before."

That does impress us much.

She’s back and touring and we’re definitely already in line for tickets!

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