Shanghai’s Disneyland is next level awesome (yes, there’s a ‘Star Wars’ park)

Do you have a valid passport? Good, because you’re going to need it when we go visit Disney’s newest theme park. Say hello to Shanghai Disneyland, where it appears literally all of our dreams will come true.

While you might mainly associate Disney with either being in Florida or California, there are really Disney parks all over the world. There’s Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and coming soon, Shanghai. The new park was first announced in 2009, so it has been a few years in the making and is set to open up sometime early next year. Now, we’re finally getting the first look at what we’ll be able to find inside this location, and I don’t want to get anyone too excited, but it’s amazing.

Shanghai Disneyland will have all the token staples of the other theme parks, like amazing rides, shops, shows, and Disney experiences. Disney CEO Bob Iger said at an event in the park yesterday that everything will be, “authentically Disney and distinctively Chinese” which means that we’ll get a park experience like nothing we’ve ever seen before — like, the global premiere of The Lion King stage show, but in Mandarin.

And the rides. OH, THE RIDES. Sure, Shanghai Disneyland will have Pirates of the Caribbean, but it’s going to be located in its own pirate-themed area, which is something brand new for the parks. That won’t be the only brand new thing, either. Shanghai Disneyland will also include the Star Wars Launch Bay, where everything Star Wars will be celebrated and you can meet and interact with your favorite Sith and Rebels.

There will also be a Tron Lightcycle coaster, and I already want to get in line for it. I could just describe how cool it’s going to be, or you can watch the :50 second video here.

That’s still not all the park will include. There’s going to be a Soarin’ Over the Horizon attraction (like Disney World/Land’s Soarin’) along with a planned Marvel Universe experience, too. Plus, the park’s token castle, the Enchanted Storybook Castle, will be, “tallest, largest, and most interactive castle at any Disney theme park,” and instead of being based solely on one fairytale, it will be a combination of many.  You’ll be able to walk through and explore the castle, which will include not only princess meet & greets, but also a boat ride, because ALL castles should have a built-in boat ride.

If you’re still craving more, Disney has released a 3-minute video including many of the things we’ll find inside, from how the themed lands will look, to the nighttime spectaculars.

Are you in the process of packing your bags right now? Awesome. Because when we all show up at Shanghai Disneyland for our vacation, we’ll book a stay in the Toy Story themed hotel on the property. Everything about this is a dream come true.

Shanghai Disneyland is set to open its front gate to guests sometime in early 2016. See you guys there.


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