We need to stay at Shanghai Disneyland’s new “Toy Story” Hotel ASAP

Thinking of heading off to Shanghai Disneyland to check out all the cool, awesome new stuff there? Of course you are, because the newest Disney theme park looks absolutely amazing. Just one thing, though: at the end of the day, where are you going to fall asleep?

The answer is, naturally, a hotel. Lucky for you, Disney’s got a pretty cool one ready to go. With the opening of the theme park, Shanghai Disneyland is also opening up their newest hotel, and it’s not just any old hotel. It’s a Toy Story Hotel. We want to stay here for infinity, and well, beyond.

Located adjacent to Shanghai Disneyland, staying at the Toy Story Hotel is akin to actually living in Andy’s room yourself. It’s got the cloud wallpaper. It’s got all your Toy Story friends, like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and Mr. Potato Head. It’s even got Little Green Aliens who welcome you to “the looooobby.”

The floors of the hotel appear to be themed to our favorite rootin’ tootin’ cowboy and space ranger.

Can we also talk about the rubix cube bedside table?? How and where do we get one of those for our own bedrooms?

While we’re at it, where can we get this shower curtain, too?

Our bags are packed, how about yours?

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