Aw, Shane West took home an amazing souvenir from ‘A Walk to Remember’

Let’s take a trip back to 2002. That was the year A Walk to Remember came out, and it still gives us all the feels — do you even remember when Landon took Jamie to straddle a state line so she could be in two places at once?? Now 12 years later, we’ve just learned something else about the movie that might make us cry tears all over again. But these will be happy tears! Shane West bought the Camaro Landon drives in the film.

West played Landon Carter, one of the “bad boys” in town, who developed a soft spot for Mandy Moore’s Jamie. With his reputation, he also needed to drive an equally rebellious car—a ’67 Camaro. According to West, it was love at first sight between him and the car, and knew he needed to have it one way or another.

As he explains to The Wrap, they were shooting the first scene of the movie (which happened to actually be the opening scene by the lake) when the crew started unloading the cars for the actors to drive. When West learned the Camero was his, he realized it actually needed to be his.

“I turned to the first A.D. and I was like ‘How much is it and I want it. Don’t let anyone else get it.’ And I used part of my paycheck to buy that car. So I bought it, and I still have it.”

He does, however, have to change the color of the car, because as he says, it’s “ridiculous.” The color of the car in the movie was bright red, with two white stripes on the hood, and currently he’s working on “stripping it down, and painting it.” What will his new color choice be? West doesn’t say, but he seems like a blue Camaro kind of guy.

You can watch his whole interview with The Wrap here, and relive the trailer for A Walk To Remember here. Hollywood, this movie is perfect as-is. Please never remake it.

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