There is a secret Shamrock drink at McDonald’s, and here’s how to order it

If you’re paying attention to fast food headlines, you know that McDonald’s sinfully secret Shamrock Shake is finally going public, as it also introduces four new iterations of the green hidden-menu gem. Those of you who know and love the minty goodness of the original Shamrock Shake are bound to be excited for the roster of newbies which include a half chocolate/half mint concoction, a minty frappe, a hot chocolate, and a toasty mocha. All will include a healthy dose of our favorite tangy mint syrup, and this year for the first time, a proper listing on the McDonald’s menu — but there’s more.

There is a Shamrock Iced Coffee hack out there, and we are literally checking the drive-thru each day till it’s available. This hack may or may not have existed in years past, and to those mourning the loss of their once dirty little secret, you knew this day was coming. It’s time to share your minty bliss with the world!

Should we even mention McD’s secret Land, Air, and Sea Burger? Or should we wait ’till the Big Mac, McChicken, and Filet-O-Fish mega-wich gets its day? We’ll see…

According to this incredible reporting by The Huffington Post, the original Shamrock shake was a lemony-lime sherbet and vanilla shake mix, which, if you’ve ever made yourself the ill-advised Sprite ice cream soda, is not the greatest flavor combo. By 1973, it was just a green vanilla shake, and by 1980 it had morphed into the seasonal Shamrock Sundae, which consisted of vanilla soft serve with a mint syrup poured over. It was then discontinued until 2006, when it became the fluffy, swirly green mint masterpiece we know today, available at some locations in secret and all locations in 2012. Whew! So much history for one little shake!

But back to the breaking news. According to Refinery29, the Shamrock Iced Coffee is offered on some touchscreen kiosks. If it’s not on the menu, here’s how to order it.

Order an iced coffee with McCafé Mint Mocha Flavored Syrup added.

That’s it.

Best $2 you’ve ever spent? We think so.

The new drinks look super promising, especially the one that starts as a chocolate shake and ends as a minty Shamrock. Will it taste like drinking an Andes mint? How about a soft mint chocolate chip sundae? Who knows? Well…we will, any day now.