“Shameless'” star Emmy Rossum accomplished something extraordinary, continues to be a boss lady

Score one for the home team! Shameless star Emmy Rossum did something extraordinary that is making her fellow boss ladies super proud. When she wasn’t busy acting in a hit television show, or painting, or working alongside the Best Friends Save Them All campaign to save shelter pets, Rossum tried her hand at directing. The multi-talented Rossum recently directed two episodes of the TNT crime drama, Animal Kingdom.

Rossum shared her accomplishment with her fans by posting a photo of her Directors Guild of America 2017 membership card to her Instagram.

She captioned the pic, "Well, THAT'S pretty cool." Cool is an understatement, Emmy!


And obviously, fans and other boss ladies have been giving Rossum major kudos.




Rossum directed Episode 4 and 5 of Animal Kingdom Season 2. The series returns May 30th, so keep your eyes peeled for her director’s credits on the upcoming episodes.


But this isn’t Rossum’s first director’s rodeo. She directed the Shameless Season 7 episode, “I Am A Storm,” which aired in October of last year.

Here’s her credit if you missed it. The image is a little shocking, but hey, it’s Shameless after all!

We are so excited to see Rossum in the director’s chair. Right now there are about 24 male directors to every 1 female director in the film industry. And in a 2016 report released by the Director’s Guild of America, 17% of television episodes in one season were directed by females, which means that 83% of television is male-directed.

But with women like Rossum taking the helm, perhaps we can see those numbers change in the near future. You’re doing a great thing, Emmy. Keep up the great work!

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