Turns out “Shame” Nun and The Mountain have the hots for each other, in this random commercial anyway

One of the greatest things about Game of Thrones is that it never fails to surprise us. And now we’re shocked, in a good way, by this Game of Thrones-themed commercial featuring Septa Unella, aka “Shame” Nun, and The Mountain. In an ironic pairing, “Shame” Nun (Hannah Waddingham) and The Mountain (Thor Björnsson) join forces to help save “mother earth” for a SodaStream commercial. Yep, you read that right. The two ancillary (but awesome) Thrones characters ~shame~ a dude for buying bottled soda water. And, honestly? The result is pretty hilarious.

Here are all three minutes of this silly, but entertaining journey.


The commercial starts pretty expectedly, with Septa Unellla reprising her famous shaming sequence.



But then things escalate pretty quickly once the ~shameful~ plastic waster makes it outside…and finds himself in a Game of Thrones-like scenario.


LOL at the lettuce.

And then we see he’s just BRINGING them to The Mountain! Who totally scolds him for “carrying shameful polluting plastic bottles.”



But let’s get to the GOOD part, shall we? After a hard day’s work, it looks like The Mountain and Septa Unella only have eyes FOR EACH OTHER, and wuuuuut?!


Hehe. Look how happy they are.

It’s a ~SHAME~ for Septa Unella though.

Because, if you recall, the last time she hung out with The Mountain on Game of Thrones, things didn’t end QUITE this well. ::SHRUG:: We’ll always have this commercial, at least.

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