Shakira’s new video will never let you look at a bodega the same way again

Our favorite Colombian singer is back at it again! Fresh off of two Latin Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Song of the Year this past week, Shakira is heating things up with her new single, “Chantaje.” The new Shakira video is everything you need to get through the week and you will never look at a bodega the same way again.

Although Shakira had to take some time off to care for her sick son, she is right back at it and promoting her new single with reggaeton star Maluma. The song’s title translates to “Blackmail” in English and it’s all about a lustful man seeking the ever-elusive Shakira. Because of course, right?

The video starts with Shakira looking as gorgeous as ever and strolling through a bodega with her pet pig. (Yes, you read that right. Apparently pigs wear leashes and love bodegas now.) From there, she encounters the equally sexy Maluma, who is instantly attracted to Shakira and begins pursuing her. They jaunt continues through the store as they play coy with one another and the bodega transforms into a fancy night club.

As the video progresses we are treated to all the steaminess and Latin realness that we’ve come to expect from Shakira’s songs.

We aren’t the only ones who are #obsessed with “Chantaje.” The track debuted at number one on the Hot Latin Songs chart and even cracked the Hot 100! For those of us who aren’t Spanish-speaking, the lyrics may not be understandable. But it’s undeniably catchy and clearly the world agrees!

Shakira has been having quite the successful year, so this new song and steamy video come as no surprise. Although we would have loved to see Shakira (and her magical hips) perform “Chantaje” live on stage at the American Music Awards this weekend, it was one of the performances she had to cancel due to her son’s illness. But hey, at least we have this hypnotizing new music video! We are totally loving “Chantaje” and cannot stop listening to this fierce track. All that’s missing are more cute videos of the world’s biggest little Shakira fans dancing along and giving the Colombian superstar a run for her money.