Shakira’s bachata moves in the video for “Deja Vu” will make you want to hit the dance floor

Today’s #goals are inspired by none other than Shakira, whose dance moves in “Deja Vu” make us want to hit the dance floor. Shakira’s bachata moves in the video are inspiring us to step up our own dance game. The single is a collaboration between Prince Royce and Shakira, with the video for “Deja Vu” already racking up over 14 million views on YouTube. And honestly, we’re not shocked. Between Shakira’s killer singing and dancing,  and Prince Royce’s fierce talent, this video is the best.

Her hips may not lie, but that doesn’t mean Shakira doesn’t need to practice. The singer posted videos of herself practicing her bachata on Instagram as she prepared for the music video, getting ready for the dance in all of its glory.

Characterized by a close embrace and a square step, Shakira seems to nail it in the video. Clad in a black mini dress with diamond accents, Shakira is seen masterfully dancing from one partner to the next, before finally partnering with Prince Royce. “Deja Vu,” which is off of Royce’s album Five, is the perfect upbeat anthem to get your hips warmed up, although looking as effortless as Shakira is not guaranteed.

We’ll be practicing our bachata steps in the mirror, imagining Shakira cheering us on.