Shakira Feels “Stronger Than a Lioness” After Her Ex’s Cheating Scandal

She's ready to turn the page as Gerard Piqué goes IG official with new girlfriend Clara Chia Marti.

She may be a romantic at heart, but following her recent — and very public — divorce, Shakira is realizing that sometimes the greatest love story is learning how to love yourself. The “Hips Don’t Lie” performer opened up about her split from ex-husband Gerard Piqué like never before during an appearance on Televisa Network’s En Punto.

“I have been in love with love and I think that this story, somehow, I have managed to understand it from another perspective and feel that I am enough for myself today,” Shakira told Mexican journalist Enrique Acevedo, as translated by Good Morning America.

“When a woman has to face the ravages of life, she comes out stronger,” the Colombian singer noted, adding that being a mother has left her feeling “complete” and “stronger than a lioness.”

Shakira and Piqué were married for 11 years before calling it quits in June 2022. In January, HelloGiggles reported that Shakira discovered her husband’s infidelity thanks to a jar of jam. Since then, Piqué has gone Instagram official with girlfriend Clara Chia Marti, the same woman he allegedly cheated on Shakira with.

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The singer-songwriter also admitted that for a very long time she had a traditional understanding of what a marriage and family should look like. She was taught “that a woman needs a man to complete herself…and a family.”

Now, Shakira is learning that she can feel fulfilled and raise her family without a husband.

“Not all dreams in life come true, but life finds a way to make it up to you somehow, and I think that with me, it has done it in abundance with these two stupendous, wonderful children who fill me with love every day,” she said of her two sons.

She also wants to set an example for her kids, “that you can survive those ravages of life.”

In addition to self-reflecting, Shakria has found “catharsis” through music. Last month, she dropped a new song with Karol G titled “TQG,” in which she blasts Piqué’s behavior. She also notably sings about how she’s “no fool” and “now set on me.”

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