Shakira Shared Rare Pictures of Her Sons, and We Can’t Believe How They’ve Grown

She also shared a really fun video dancing with her boys.

It’s been a minute since Shakira has shown off her two boys together on Instagram—but that all changed a few days ago! The mom of two shared a picture with her sons, Sasha and Milan, on August 28th clad in their wetsuits for a day riding waves. Not only can we not get over how much they look like her, but we can’t believe how much they’ve grown!

Shakira shares Milan, 8, and Sasha, 6, with her boyfriend of a decade, Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué. It’s easy to see that the boys took plenty of their handsome dad’s features as well. Piqué doesn’t share a ton of photos of their boys either—mostly opting for selfies on his own Instagram, as they are his *thing*—so it’s a rare sight to see them publicly.

But Shakira didn’t stop with just the one picture. She then shared a sweet moment with just herself and Milan in the water, writing in the caption, “Milan is starting to really enjoy this!” She’s holding him tight in the water, seemingly getting him used to swimming and riding waves!

But if you thought that was all, you just wait. Shakira returned to Instagram on August 31st with a video of her boys dancing to “In Da Getto” by J Balvin and Skrillex. The three are clearly having a good time together jamming to the music, so we have to wonder—with these three posts all in a row, is Shakira going to start sharing more of these fun family moments?

Or maybe Piqué will also start sharing more, like this picture of his boys from August 12th, aptly captioned, Les Trois Mousquetaires—The Three Musketeers.

Whatever the case, we love getting to see this family enjoying their time together and getting to see Sasha and Milan grow up! More, please, Shakira!

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