Will Shakira Move to Miami for a Mystery Man?

After splitting from Girard Piqué, the Colombian superstar is moving on with a new flame, says source.

Shakira may have found love again, prompting her to pack up her life and move to Miami for a mystery man. That’s according to a new report by Spanish news site OK Diario. Fans have been wondering about the fate of the superstar and her two children, Milan (10), and Sasha (8), after finalizing a custody agreement last December with alleged cheating ex Girard Piqué.

Initially, the “Waka Waka” singer was planning to leave in June, after her children finished school for the year, reports the Daily Mail. But apparently the 46-year-old pop star, who currently resides in Barcelona, told friends she’ll be relocating as of April 1. The sources say the mom-of-two has a “mystery man” she’s been talking to for four months, and he allegedly lives in the Florida beach hotspot.

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While no confirmation has made by the Colombian singer or her camp on this supposed move for a “mystery man,” she used to live in Miami and also has some family members there.

In early March, she released a dance song collaboration with DJ Bizarrap with lyrics seemingly aimed at her ex-husband and his indiscretions. For his part, the 36-year-old told Spanish newspaper El Pais he was “very happy” with the decision the couple made to break up, and that both he and his famous ex are “focused” on “protecting [their] children.”

In June of 2022, the couple split after 11 years together. The divorce was seemingly triggered by Shakira allegedly discovering the retired soccer player’s extra-marital affair, due to an empty jar of jam that supposedly only she liked. Piqué went public with 23-year-old student Clara Chia soon after.

No word yet on whether Shakira will actually move to Miami for her mystery man, but we should find out soon enough!

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