Shakira Found Out Her Ex Was Allegedly Cheating on Her Because of a Jar of Jam

The former couple was together for 11 years before calling it quits in June 2022. They share two kids.

Shakira’s ex-husband, Gerard Piqué, has found himself in a bit of a jam. According to ShowNews Today, Shakira caught the retired Spanish soccer player cheating after stumbling across the incriminating evidence in plain sight.

Hungry from her travels, Shakira visited the fridge for a snack only to find someone had clearly picked at her favorite strawberry fruit spread while she was away. This allegedly raised a red flag for the “Waka Waka” singer as Piqué and their two sons, Sasha and Milan, notoriously hate the preserve.

If Shakira was away from home traveling and her family doesn’t like the jam, then who helped themselves to her fridge?

News of how Shakira found out about Piqué’s infidelity surfaced in the music video for her song with Rauw Alejandor “Te Felicito,” during which she opens a fridge and finds her collaborator’s severed head on a shining platter.

When asked about the scene, Shakira told This Morning she went into the fridge “to find the truth.” It was later revealed on the Spanish TV show Socialite that Alejandor’s head was the proxy for the jar of strawberry jam, ShowNews Today reported.

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Days ago, the Colombian pop star took another dig at her ex in a brand new music video for her hit “BZRP Music Session #53.” Shakira not only lists all the ways Piqué has wronged her, but calls out his new and much younger girlfriend.

“You left my mother-in-law as my neighbor, with the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury,” she sings in Spanish. According to New York Post, Shakira has displayed a witch on her balcony facing her mother-in-law’s house.

Shakira and Piqué were together for 11 years before filing for divorce in June 2022 following claims of Piqué’s affair.

At the beginning of January, Page Six reported that the woman Piqué is currently dating is the same woman he allegedly cheated on Shakira with. They’ve allegedly been together since 2021.

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