Shakira canceled some upcoming shows, but it’s for one of the best reasons possible

Whenever a star cancels a show it’s a big disappointment, especially if you’ve been looking forward to it for months. But hey, sometimes unexpected things happen — to celebrities too.

We just heard that Shakira canceled an upcoming performance at both the Latin Grammys and American Music Awards because her son was sick, and that’s totally acceptable. Sasha is literally the cutest human being ever, so we want him to receive attention and care when he needs it.

As soon as Shakira returns, we’ll be dancing our butts off! And according to her Insta, everything with Sasha is okay now so she’s already back in business.

"Thanks for all the messages you sent for Sasha while he was sick. Everything is under control now, and he's back to his cheerful self! Shak."

See how he’s the cutest human ever??

Shakira’s other son Milan is also totally adorable, in case you were wondering.

We’re glad that everything is alright with Shakira and her family. Looking forward to more shows ASAP! This girl has the moves like nobody else.

Ummmmm is anyone else feeling like a dance-off to Shakira in their home or office right now? It seems like the logical next step.

Sending all the love to sweet little Sasha!

H/T: Perez Hilton