Shakira explained why she always burns herself with curling irons and it’s darn relatable

She might be one of the most successful singers EVER, but Shakira stills has accidents with a curling iron proving she’s just like us.

The star might walk through bodegas with a pig, basically have more Facebook likes than anyone else on the internet, and be a hard working mother of two, but Shakira has proved time and time again that in life’s quiet moments you need to dance around, whether that’s with acne cream all over your face or if you’re backstage having your hair done.

Given that Shakira’s music is so infectious that it’s impossible to NOT dance to it (seriously, check out these kids who can’t stop dancing to her tunes), it’s makes perfect sense that Shakira herself also can’t stop dancing, even when there’s the risk of getting scorched by a curling iron.

The Colombian singer recently shared a video online explaining why she always burns herself with curling irons and it’s darn relatable.

Dressed in blue denim cut-offs, a rather jazzy black top, and what looks like a bondage harness, Shakira can be seen dancing around her dressing room with her friends to “Sex and Candy” by Marcy Playground.

However, among the merriment and hip shaking (they don’t lie, after all), a hair stylist is attempting to curl Shakira’s hair. However, the star just can’t stop getting her life to the song and we love it.

"No wonder I get burned with curling irons all the time," Shakira wrote under the Instagram video.

There’s something so relatable about this whole scene. We’ve definitely had moments where we’ve been feeling a song way too hard while getting ready and accidentally caused ourselves injury, whether it’s with a curling iron or an eyeliner pencil. It’s just one of the dangers of being fabulous, right?

What’s more, we absolutely LOVE Shakira’s obvious love of life in the video. It’s so incredible to see someone having the best time and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Curling iron or no curling iron, Shakira has just having the time of her life and it’s amazing.

The singer recently revealed that she had to cancel a string of shows. However, this being Shakira, she had the best reason. Dropping out of performing at the Latin Grammy’s and the American Music Awards, she explained how her son, Sasha, was sick and that she needed to stay home and look after him.

Luckily, Sasha and his mother returned to their happy and cheerful selves, and, as Shak’s latest video shows, she’s grabbing life by the horns (even if it means getting burned along the way).

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