Shakespeare Goes Lesbian, TA Bares All, Fart-Masking Skivvies & One Courageous Boy

We put up a good fight, but it was only a matter of time before sweater weather charged its way into October. Besides, pumpkin flavored treats don’t seem to have that same effect while still decked out in shorts and sandals. That is, unless your plan is to wear that “look of indifference” as a statement against Mother Nature for your Halloween costume this year. Everyone will get the point you’re making, right?

Well, you’ve still got a few days to finish piecing together your award-worthy ensemble, but right now it’s time for “The Week In WHAT?!

New Twist On Old Classic Ruffles Some Quill Feathers

Theater provides audiences and artists alike with an opportunity to explore social themes and experience raw emotion, but sometimes pushing the envelope leads to an unexpected backlash. Members of the Curio Theatre rep company in West Philadelphia (born and raised?) are receiving rather aggressive feedback after staging their latest production of “Romeo and Juliet” as a lesbian love story. Responding to a preview article about the show published on Philadelphia magazine’s website not only revealed extreme levels of xenophobia but also issued death threats to the group. Looks like this show’s reach extends far beyond the fourth wall.

An Unexpected Eye-Full of TA

Being a TA at your university doesn’t only mean you’re a teacher’s pet but somewhat of an authority figure to the students as well. After all, you’re the liaison between students and teachers. So, when a female TA at the University of Iowa accidentally emailed students her homemade porn, she practically played right into some of their “naughty professor” fantasies. Of course, the students that spread the news may want to spend more time focused on their studies because their excitement certainly got the better of their spelling. On the brightside, that’s no reflection on the TA: her discipline of choice is math.

If They Can’t Smell It, They’ll Never Know Who Dealt It!

Farting is a perfectly natural, healthy bodily function, and there is absolutely no reason anyone should ever feel uncomfortable when it happens in a public situation. Yet for some reason everyone reverts to kindergarten playground tactics when a little unexpected gas enters the room. Fortunately, a new British underwear line can help you calm your inner fart anxieties. Known as “Shreddies,” these tighty whities can cut the odoriferous scent of flatulence down by “200 times,” according to a spokesperson for the company. Well, that’s one less thing the Real Housewives should be less ashamed about doing in front of their husbands.

Choosing His Own Adventure

One brave teenage boy in St. Petersburg, Florida may change how people look at the foster care system forever. After 15 years in the state’s system, Davion Navar Henry Only wants a family to call his own. Davion determined he’d waited long enough for something to happen and ultimately decided to forge his path to happiness with an assist from God. That’s why DNHO stood up at the St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church on a recent Sunday and declared, “I know God hasn’t given up on me. So I’m not giving up either.” Since that fateful morning, his story went viral, and Davion’s caseworker revealed that 10,000 requests to adopt him were submitted to the agency. He’ll even get a chance to participate in the selection process. Based on his actions, there’s little doubt he’ll choose wisely. The world is your oyster, Davion!

And there you have this week in “WHAT?!” Can’t wait to see what’s in store for humanity next!

Image via Curio Theatre/Kyle Cassidy.

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