Shailene Woodley opens up about her super unique family life, and no wonder she’s awesome AF

Shailene Woodley is such an interesting person — whenever she’s interviewed, you know she’ll always dazzle you with her unique perspectives, and interesting anecdotes. Currently hitting up talk shows and magazines to promote her new film Snowden, she decided to open up and talk about her family a bit. Interestingly enough, the stories she shares help identify why she’s so unique.

Recently, she sat down with writer Natalie Evans-Harding of‘s digital magazine, The EDIT. Evans-Harding asked her a few questions about what Woodley’s situation was like growing up, and Woodley was both honest and reflective.


"My family is super f---ed up in many ways," she said, then clarifying that "They are my everything." Woodley noted that "They would do anything for me, and I would do anything for them. That's a lot more than most people can say about their families. I'm grateful for the s--- that happened."

Woodley then described an “incident” to illustrate her point — when she was younger, and got into an argument with her brother Tanner, her parents made them “hug it out” on the front lawn in front of their house for long spans of time. I guess in a way to show the world that yes, the Woodley family is filled with love.


"The whole time you're just seething, you're disliking this person with so much energy, but if you let go you have to stay there for an extra hour," she noted. "That was the kind of reverse, manipulative psychology my parents were into!"

Woodley also mentioned that her parents often didn’t rally behind her when she was having trouble with school bullies. Sure, they cared, but they wanted her to think of the big picture.

"It would hurt my feelings, and my parents weren't on my side. They would be like, 'I'm so sorry you're feeling this way, but what do you think that person was feeling?' Oh, I hated it," she commented.


But no matter what, this intriguing method of parenting definitely made Woodley who she is. And she’s, without a doubt, a sweet and kindhearted person. Way to go, Mom and Dad.

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