Shailene Woodley’s sleek power suit is ~iconic~

Shailene Woodley is no stranger to making a stir with her unique point of view and all around originality, but we’ve really got to stop and take a minute (or sixty) to talk about the AMAZING pant suit she wore on Late Night with Seth Meyers the other day. Because HOLY SHIT, GOALS.

Not only did she take the stage alongside Bernie Sanders (hello #dreamteam), but she just looked…so cool. There’s probably some kind of swanky fashion talk we could use to describe her lapels or the cut of her trousers but just…LOOK.


OH MY GOD IT’S JUST SO GOOD. She looks like a silent film star. She looks like a super hero. She looks like OUR hero, let’s be real.

Check out the full-length glory of this instantly iconic power suit plus those amaaaazing sparkly Louboutins.


Head to toe, literal perfection. We need to know where she got every piece of this ensemble so we can order seven of everything and wear it every single god damned day of the week so we feel as amazing as she looks.


We would go to war for Shailene Woodley in this outfit, tbqh.

We never knew that our TRUE sense of style was “super well tailored pant suit with a bowtie and perfect hair and the most amazing shoes known to man” but we’re so happy Shailene Woodley helped us to this inspiration.


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